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Message From: Amy Williams   |   Email Address: amywwilliams@cox.net
Dear Pastor Marsha, Thank you for giving us the opportunity of ministry last evening at your church. We had a wonderful service except we missed you! Your church family was very gracious to us and we appreciate the gratuity. Rocky was such a great help to me! Hope to see you sometime in the future. Until then, God Bless and keep singing, Amy
Posted 05/04/2009

Message From: American   |   Email Address: american@american.com
Please pass this Prayer Request to as many Christians and Churches as possible***(Terrorist plotting against the U.S,Taliban,Bath Party officials,those caught in the battlefield fighting against U.S troops and enemies of the U.S).When these enemies are caught by the U.S,Pray GOD makes all these enemies tell the truth about everything they know,holding nothing back when talking to U.S interigators.Pray all these enemies of the U.S are forced to tell the truth about everything they know when asked by U.S interigators,just like Demons were forced to to the truth when they were asked questions by JESUS and the apostles in the old testament.Pray GOD will not let any terrorist or supporter of terrorist lie to any American about what they believe in,Pray they are forced to tell the truth by GOD .....Many in the Liberal media pretend to be objective and unbiased,but they are not objective and they are biased.Pray GOD makes all bias liberals in the media tell the truth to their American audience always.Pray they will not have any control of themselves and won't be able to deceive the American people anymore.No more covering up,and no more hiding the truth...Liberals in the government deceive people and use the liberal media to cover for them.Pray liberals in our government will not be able to lie to,or deceive the American people anymore.Pray GOD makes all liberals in our government tell the truth to the American people,no more covering up,and no more hiding the truth.Pray they will have no control over themselves and will not be able to lie, or deceive the American people no more.Pray all leftist,secular humanist and communist will also be forced to tell the truth to all Americans when they really intend to lie and deceive Americans,Pray GOD forces them to tell the truth to the American people always .Pray no more deception,lies or propaganda by terrorist,terrorist supporters,liberals,secular humanist,leftist or communist.Pray GOD makes them tell the truth the way He makes demons tell the truth In JESUS Name.***Please pass this Prayer Request to as many Chuches and Christians as possible.***
Posted 04/24/2009

Message From: JYOTHI   |   Email Address: blessjyothi@gmail.com
SHALOM, Greetings in Yashua the Messiah. I am one of His children conducting the assembly in between heathan people and idol worshippers in the tribal and forest area of Andhra Pradesh, India since 2001. My name is JYOTHI.M. with assembly of 35 flocks.People are tribes depending on nature collecting honey and wood cutting. I reached people by walking hours and hours to tell the true word of our Father YHWHand the Messiah.We are faceing troble from naxalites and some other anti social elements and other denomination people. You know how terrible to preach in India?.Its too hard. At the same time we are poor and not able to meet the needs for assembly and my family needs. i need your support and for my family and assembly to have Bibles,drum,light and food for my family. will you support me to meet my family needs. your small funds will get good results in ministry and give a chance to achieve more souls for our Father and our Saviour Messiah. Please pray for us. we are praying for you. for His sis.JYOTHI.M
Posted 12/28/2008

Message From: keijo   |   Email Address: keijo.leppioja@hotmail.com
I love this beautiful miracles the book again today,the bible will inpirer many of us today and give food and joy and water that live and grow in Jesus, thanks for this site ,be blessed and joy, for Jesus is coming,pray and win,keijo sweden
Posted 11/01/2008

Message From: Evelyn Munoz   |   Email Address: emunoz7265@aol.com
god has truly been by mu side, through sll my troubles, I love him.
Posted 08/06/2008

Message From: Carol Stratton   |   Email Address: cstratton@hunton.com
He is sending us a fresh anointing and who knows what can happen.
Posted 07/01/2008

Message From: Carol Stratton   |   Email Address: cstratton@hunton.com
Hi Pastor Marsha and Abe: I am so glad I came to your church. I am so used to a small church and I feel right at home there. You both are so wonderful and I plan on attending often (or all the time):) GOD is up to something. He is sending us a fresh
Posted 07/01/2008

Message From: Heather (Dempsey) Cooper   |   Email Address: brisbycat@hotmail.com
thanks for the link to your new site. i especially like the missions page. it was neat to see the picture of the church. i haven't been there for so long.
Posted 03/12/2008

Message From: Contessa   |   Email Address: catlyngal@yahoo.com
Oops! the rest of my message was cut off. : ) I think we could use a blog on this wonderful site!
Posted 02/24/2008

Message From: Contessa   |   Email Address: catlyngal@yahoo.com
I give God praise and all honor for His mighty works today at church! The messages and testimonies today were blessings, true blessings! I gleaned from every woman and intend to plant those seeds of wisdom from today to at least one person today! God bles
Posted 02/24/2008

Message From: Esther Whitton   |   Email Address: essdiet@aol.com
Your web site is very nice and we enjoyed reading the Core beliefs of your church. God is good and through His love we can do great things. Your sister in Jesus Christ. Esther (cousin of Abe)
Posted 02/20/2008

Message From: Barry Snow   |   Email Address: asuom@Bellsouth.net
I have y'all in my prayers for your growth / love. God (Yahweh)inhabits the praises of His people. Hi is soooooooo awesome! Love you folks, Bar
Posted 02/09/2008

Message From: Valerie Byrd   |   Email Address: mrsbyrdy1379@yahoo.com
Thank you for all of your support and prayers. I love you guys. Your the greatest!
Posted 01/24/2008

Message From: B.L.Harrison   |   Email Address: Godgavemelife888@aol.com
Posted 01/22/2008

Message From: Brad Foltz   |   Email Address: brad.foltz@agmd.org
You guys are tops! We are proud to be a part of your ministry team. Thanks for the chance to work for you and tell others about Jesus.
Posted 01/14/2008

Message From: Wayne & Debbie Holloman   |   Email Address: dholl0613@comcast.net
This is awesome and so are you two. God Bless everyone.
Posted 01/13/2008

Message From: Shirley & Rick Haynes   |   Email Address: sshuniconr@verizon.net
I love this. God has put this church in our life for some reason. We have grown to love everyone in our church. God is truely in control our our lifes.
Posted 01/13/2008

Message From: BARBARA KIDD   |   Email Address: KIDD274@AOL.COM
Posted 01/13/2008

Message From: Abe   |   Email Address: abaxter@ironworks.com
God is indeed in control.
Posted 01/11/2008