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Wednesday, 27 February 2008
We Are in His Field

It is intrinsic to understanding God’s sovereignty that we realize what Paul meant when he said that Christians are God’s field. He is showing that God owns us. This simply means that God has total rights to our lives. We have no private life; our private life is His. We cannot go on a two-week vacation and say, “God, I want a good time, and You have been breathing down my neck for most of the year. I would like a couple of weeks away from You.” No, He’ll go with us on vacation; we have no time that we can call our own. It is His time. We have no secret thoughts about which we can say, “God, I just don’t want You to know about this.” We do not own ourselves.


Does this disturb and annoy you? Or does this thrill you to your fingertips to know that you are bought with a price? It is true whether you like it or not. You are His; He owns you. You are God’s field; it is not your field. For that reason God can do what He wants with you, and because you are His, you can’t get rid of Him even if you tried. You may have said to God, “Leave me alone.” But He didn’t; He would not.


Because He owns us, God has no obligation to us. God ultimately takes the responsibility not only for saving us but also for our development.


Every virtue we possess,
And every conquest won,
And every thought of holiness,
Are his alone.

Posted on 02/27/2008 4:02 PM by Abe
18 Mar 2008
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In one sense, there are no words that can explain how relieved I am to know I belong to God. I AM his property! That means He provides the soil (Jesus's body), the fertilizer (God's word), and the water (The Holy Spirit)! That excites me! I have all the best things possible to make a truly beautiful harvest! My fruits should and hopefully are his fruits, how magnificent they should be! All the more for gleaning!

On the other hand, I am God's property. I am His. I am ever fearful and careful (for the most part and trying harder) not to ruin His crops. We all know what happened to the fig tree that bore no fruit!

But alas, I am growing more confident every day. Not in me, but in Jesus Christ, that if I stay in His word, follow His commandments and live this life knowing it is not mine to waste, I will have a fruitful harvest and show my farming skills to souls that need to know who they belong to.