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Date: 23/03/2023
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Living Out of Your Heart, Not Your Head

Have you ever been watching tv or listening to the radio and hear a comment that probably was never intended to be spiritual or make you think about God? Well, there was a comment during a show where a person said, "I've been so busy living out of my head, I forgot there was a body." Immediately, the thought came to me - I was doing the same thing, except I forgot to live out of my heart. If I'm doing it right, I should be living out of Christ's heart.

Trying to live everyday  life almost seems to be an oxymoron when trying to live a spiriual life. You try to be a good Christian and turn the other cheek and keep good thoughts and be thoughtful to others and be there for others and live the golden rule and smile and... whew! Doing all that is one thing, doing it without cooperation from the world is another. How can you be a good righteous Christian when life makes it so hard sometimes. Strangers don't say thank you when you hold the door for them, friends interrupt your problems to discuss there problems, church family don't show up to church to see the work God has done since the last time they came to church and family who seem to use up every last bit of you that hasn't been beaten by all the above, without as much as a genuine smile! There is a unique technique to live the optimal life, live out of Christ's heart.

All those things mentioned before are things that take so much thought. It can and will drain you if you continually and constantanly think of what you have to do and who to do it for. Alas, if you think as Jesus Christ thinks, it become so divinely simple. Not that the tasks are not difficult, but deciding and doing by way of your heart is simple. That wonderful question comes to play, "What would Jesus do?" Would He help, yes. Would He give of Himself, yes. 2 Corinthians 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, let him give, not grudgingly or of necessity for God loveth a cheerful giver. What does this have to do with living from God's heart? Have you ever seen a story about Jesus where He grudgingly healed someone? Did He ever respond with, "Do I have to?" No.

When you're thinking what you must do for God, family, friends and strangers from your mind's perspective, it's easy to get clouded and overwhelmed.  The mind is made of flesh and since when does the flesh want to do anything but sin? Ah, but when you live from your heart, Christ's heart. It is no longer what the flesh wants. I'm speaking spiritual heart of course. Christ was born, lived, died and rose again because He lives from His heart. God's word has the word 'heart' in it 833 times! I believed God was trying to get a point across. When He says we should be Christ like, it especially means from the heart.  He loves us so very much from His precious heart where grace and mercy reside. There is no darkness there, no weariness and no resentment. 

Times will come when people won't say thank you, when people won't show up when you need them and times when people won't seem to see you or your efforts at all. Christ didn't go and shake everyone that came to Him for healing and demand glory. People gave glory to Him and praised Him. Jesus appreciated and loved them for it and blessed them all the more for it. Jesus sees the work we do on His behalf and in His hands is where our true rewards lie. Try working from your heart, love from your heart, live out of your heart!